All the Rage That’s Fit to Print: Four Books on Female Fury by Anjali Enjeti

A review of Road Map and 3 other recent releases by Anjali Enjeti.


“This book by Elisa Camahort Page, Carolyn Gerin, and Jamia Wilson dubs itself a “tactical field guide to understanding, using, and defending the rights we have and to fighting for the justice that we still need to achieve.”

The fury and rage here is in motion, fueling rallies and protests, giving rise to specific causes of liberation. This is a new-to-organizing handbook, though even veteran activists will appreciate its detailed and efficient assessments about how to tackle seemingly insurmountable, complex and complicated issues.


In a world overrun with think pieces published hours after the most recent breakdown of democracy, Road Map is a lucid, refreshing, and concise guide that astutely demonstrates how to transform rage into productive, long-term resistance.”